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Sany+ MonoPOD Winter Neutralizer GLR-704

A multi-purpose floor rinse and neutralizer ideal for removing ice-melt compound, lime deposits and hard water stains. Useful as carpet rinse, general purpose neutralizing agent and restroom cleaning.


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Sustainable | Economical | Performance

Winter Neutralizer

A water soluble pod, Monopod Winter Neutralizer is a versatile cleaner that works as a floor rinse, neutralizer, carpet rinse, and all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Easy to use: drop one pod of product in water filled bucket, pail or floor equipment, dissolve and use as directed. Certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Multi-purpose floor rinse and neutralizer ideal for removing ice-melt compound, lime deposits, salt residue and hard water stains.
  • Useful as carpet rinse, general purpose neutralizing agent and restroom cleaning
  • Use 1 pod per mop bucket or automatic scrubber tanks under 15 gallons
  • Use an extra pod for every 15-gallon of tank size thereafter
  • For floor neutralizing: Drop pod into mop bucket or tank then add warm or hot water
  • Agitating the pod with the water stream will improve mixing
  • Mop a generous solution onto floor
  • May need clear water rinse to remove neutralized residue
  • For removal of ice-melt compound, lime deposits and hard water stains: add warm or hot water and pick up with mop or wet vacuum
  • Green Seal Certified


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Just Add Water!

monopod before - smart

Free Up Valuable Storage Space!

Why store water when storage space is limited. Monopod™ takes up less space than dozens of traditional liquid cleaner.

Refill with Accuracy on the Go!

Monopods™ are compact, portable and precise, increasing productivity with the flexibility to take your chemicals and fill on the go.

monopod before - smart

The Smart Clean

Monopods™ are ultra concentrated, powerful cleaning pods that dissolve in water. Reduce single use plastic, decrease shipping costs, save valuable storage space and refill on the go.

monopods Green Seal Certified


Green Seal® Certified with no single-use plastic and fully recyclable packaging. Monopod™ is your eco-friendly solution.

saves money

Saves Money

Better inventory control & lower shipping, storage, product and application costs result in significant cost savings.

easy to use

Easy to Use

Just add water and shake or stir. Monopods™ are easy to use for any application, resulting in less mess and training.


Saves Space

Free up valuable storage space with Monopod™. 1 case of Monopods™ = 4–6 cases of traditional chemical solution.



Monopods™ come in precise dilutions for all common applications. No more guess work or wasted product.


Performs Better

Lab testing shows that Monopods™ outperform leading mass market brands to deliver a better clean.

MonoPOD Winter Neutralizer GLR-704

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Small Tub 10 Pods, Small Case (6 x 10 Pods), Medium Tub 25 Pods, Medium Case (4 x 25 Pods), Large Tub 50 Pods, Large Case (4 x 50 Pods)


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