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Spraying your business or home has never been simpler with our corded foggers


This ULV (ultra low volume) fogger is extremely powerful for its compact size and is a perfect choice for both commercial and residential applications. This unit comes with a larger 2 quart (64 oz) tank and It can be used in a variety of settings such as daycares, clinics, restaurants, offices and more. This exceptional device can cover up to 4,000 square feet on a single tank of fluid. With an adjustable flow rate of 0-4 oz per min it allows you to configure how much liquid it disperses to suit your application. It is perfect for pairing with our powerful and effective hospital grade disinfectant solution Vital Oxide.


This powerful ULV (ultra low volume) fogger is a corded unit that is a recommended choice for larger commercial applications, schools, hospitals, restaurants, theatres and fitness clubs. It can spray up to 50,000 square feet per hour. With an adjustable spray flow rate, it allows you to change the droplet size to fit your exact needs. Our Certified backpack fogger is made with the operator’s comfort in mind, the back and arm straps are padded and the straps can be adjusted for a customizable fit. We strongly recommend pairing this unit with our hospital grade and Health Canada authorized disinfectant solutions Vital Oxide for the most clinically clean results.


Do I need an electrostatic sprayer or standard fogger?

This is by far the most common question we get. The answer really comes down to where you are planning on using your sprayer/fogger. Electrostatics sprayers generally cost higher than standard foggers, however, that is due to the additional functionalities that they offer. Electrostatic sprayers electrically charge the dispersed solution particles which results in a more even coating, only when the target surfaces are grounded. Grounded surfaces are commonly found in hospitals, some offices and commercial settings, however, that is not always the case.

If you do not have ground surfaces at your premises, you are better off with the standard foggers since you will not be able to leverage the full benefits of electrostatic sprayers. In these types of applications, foggers are the best choice to ensure phenomenal disinfecting power for your space.

How about cordless vs corded fogger?

Another common question we get is the cordless vs corded foggers. Cordless is awesome, however, you need to consider that the power is not endless! You will need to take into account the charge time, extra batteries and lack of continuous power. Cordless units make a lot of sense in settings where a constant supply of power is not a viable option such as public transportation, airplanes or tight/hard to get places. However, if you have access to continued power we strongly recommend to go with the corded units since the power is endless and they are a more economical option!
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