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Electrostatic Sprayers are the new standard in infection control including COVID-19

Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

Meet The Next Generation Of Electrostatic Sprayers

High pressure air flow from the sprayer breaks the solution into uniform droplets in 40μm. The droplets are then charged and disperse into smaller units by overcoming the surface tension. Through double atomization, the charged droplets fully wrap the target surface due to the electrostatic effect.

Mobile Electrostatic Station

Powerful Mobile Unit With No Limitations

Extremely powerful which comes in both corded and battery powered. This commercial grade Mobile Electrostatic Station is a perfect choice for hospitals, healthcare facilities and airports.

Mobile Electrostatic Case

Agile Mobile Case With Unmatched Power

This commercial grade Mobile Electrostatic Station unit is a perfect choice schools, restaurants, long term care facilities and janitorial applications.

Electrostatic Disinfection Vehicle

Achieve Complete Coverage And Reduce Labour

This commercial grade Electrostatic Vehicle unit is an outstanding choice for full disinfection in larger spaces such as airports, stadiums, malls and universities.

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Fully wrapped for complete disinfection


Fine and uniformly atomized droplets


Noise lower than conventional device


Saves disinfectant by over 50%


This backpack electrostatic sprayer unit disperses droplets at 40μm which is only half the diameter of an adult hair. The small droplets can distribute evenly improving the efficiency by 10 times without using more disinfectant. The spraying distance is 6-10 feet. Calculated as per the normal walking speed, a full tank can yield to an area of 10,700 square feet.


This electrostatic sprayer unit disperses droplets at 40μm with spray distance of 10-13 feet. It can cover large spaces on a single tank. This battery operated unit runs for 1.5 hours on a single charge. This wheeled unit is very smooth and easy to maneuver to move around tight spaces.


This Mobile Station Electrostatic unit is available in both cordless and corded. It can spray solution in distances greater than 13 ft. With 20L tank capacity and run time of 2.5 hours per charge it can over 215,000 sqft it is optimally engineered for large spaces.


This commercial grade electric vehicle unit it carries 10 high output nozzles that can spray in distances greater than 26 feet. With the tank capacity of 80L it can cover extremely large spaces. Fully electric operated with run time of 1.5 hours per charge. This unit is an ideal for large commercial spaces, airports, sporting venues, stadiums and malls.


Our Victory Electrostatic Sprayer Selection


This backpack victory electrostatic sprayer coats up to 23,000 square feet on a single tank of fluid. Combined with our patented electrostatic charge, this allows you to apply an even coating on all surfaces.


This handheld Victory electrostatic sprayer coats up to 2,800 square feet on a single tank of fluid. Combined with our patented electrostatic charge, this allows you to apply an even coating on all surfaces.

Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

We are a distributor of Victory Electrostatic Sprayer Products Contact Us For The Best Pricing!





This cutting-edge system combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology that empowers your staff to effectively disinfect more thoroughly and with less training than ever before.



Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray plume that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6 feet, seeking out and wrapping around all touch points and grounded room surfaces.



Advanced lithium-ion battery technology has enabled the sprayers to equal (or exceed) the power of ‘corded’ systems, while benefiting from the portability, mobility and flexibility of battery power. Over 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, delivering unmatched effectiveness make the system practical and affordable enough for daily, facility-wide use.


There is no need to wipe or rinse the sprayed surfaces when it is used in conjunction with our Vital Oxide disinfectant solution. This touchless application provides a fast way to disinfect your space, while using significantly less solution and saving time.

Traditional cleaning methods that use a spray-and-wipe technique are at high risk for cross contamination and can spread bacteria and viruses from one surface to another. With our touchless electrostatic spraying technology, cross contamination is significantly reduced making it a preferred choice for getting a clinically clean space.

Disinfecting your space has never been easier! The cordless Sprayer allows for a quick and easy disinfecting experience. With three easy steps, anyone is capable of using this effective device to disinfect their space. Just fill the tank with your Vital Oxide solution, turn on the switch, and pull the trigger to get started, that’s it!

Electrostatic sprayers enable effective liquid disinfectant solution adhesion that results in complete 360 disinfection coverage. The fully-charged solution sprays evenly on each surface, never missing those hard to reach places. The power of electrostatic sprayers allows you to disinfect large areas quickly, saving you both time and money.

Our cordless electrostatic sprayers are designed to be mobile and easy to operate. This can reduce the operation labour so one can focus on spraying and not handling of the unit.

Electrostatic sprayers are designed to electrically charge disinfectant solution which wraps around conductive surfaces, resulting in 360 disinfectant coverage. The power of electrostatic sprayers will ensure that you never miss a spot and you can feel confident in having a clinically clean space in minutes.

Not only does electrostatic spraying deliver superior results, it is also cost effective as it requires less Vital Oxide solution than conventional sprayers with a faster application time which can save both time and money.

Electrostatic sprayers use 65% less chemical solution per square foot than regular cleaning methods yet still deliver superior complete 360 disinfection coverage. We recommend pairing our sprayers with out hospital grade disinfectant solution Vital Oxide to ensure eco-friendly results.

These electrostatic sprayers with our hospital grade disinfectant solution Vital Oxide provide the most effective, safe, and time saving results


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