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ProFoam 192 Power Cart

ProFoam 192 Power Cart is a no hand pumping required solution when applying liquid, dry foam, wet foam applications. ProFoam 192 Power Cart Treatment System can be use on many applications including drains – small fly, ants, termites, pesticide, waste management treatment, and many more. This unit is designed to get the job done faster with ease. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications.


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ProFoam 192 Power Cart provides a No Hand Pumping Required solution when applying Liquids – Dry Foam and Wet Foam applications. Using the 50’ Foot Yellow Air Line expands the service treatment area out to a 100’ radius, creating a service Treatment Zone unmatched by any other equipment. The Power Cart and expanded Treatment Zone provides the Operating Technician a consistent delivery output from the equipment the freedom to move through the service area applying precise amounts of chemical.

The adjustable trigger gun with a telescopic wand allows you to adjust the length between 20″ to 39″ which can eliminate the use of step ladder in many cases.


  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Can be used as either foam or liquid applicator
  • Rechargeable
  • High and low flow settings
  • Unmatched flexibility
  • Designed by industry professionals


Unlike any other system on the market the ProFoam 192 allows the Technician to remove the ProFoam 192 Applicator Tank from the cart at any time and become completely mobile.

Hand pumping the ProFoam 192 allows technicians to quickly treat many small areas of the job without having to move the complete ProFoam 192 Power Cart System.


  • ProFoam 192 1.5 Gallon Tank Dry Foam, Wet Foam and Liquid Outputs
  • Power Cart Telescoping Handle with 120 Volt Compressor
  • Trigger Gun c/w 60 Inch Connection Hose & Brass Quick Disconnector
  • 39 to 20 Inch Adjustable Extension Wand
  • 3 Foam Tips, High Volume .25 Nylon, Stainless Steel .125 Flex Injection Tip, Fan Spray Tip
  • 2 Liquid Tips, Pin and Cone, Fan Spray and Screen & Check Valve Filter
  • 8 Foot Foam Output Extension Hose

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Suitable to use with ProFoam Platinum and BioPlus which are both EPA approved.

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 66 × 33 × 61 cm

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