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Bring The Power Of UV Light Disinfection To Your Home

HealthySole HOME allows you to step into the clean areas of your home with disinfected footwear without worrying about bringing harmful viruses and bacteria into your home.

A Game Changer In Keeping Your Family Safe

Ultraviolet light is a powerful and proven disinfectant. HealthySole Home uses the power of UV technology to disinfect the sole of shoes to prevent the bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens to enter the parameter of your living space. HealthySole HOME uses the “c” wavelength (UVC) to kill up to 99.9% of all pathogens on your shoes.
HealthySole Home | Healthy Sole Home - uv light disinfection



Step up

HealthySole Home - uv light disinfection


Wait 10 Sec

HealthySole Home - uv light disinfection


Walk away

HealthySole Home - uv light disinfection

HealthySole Home Is The First Line Of Defence For Your Home


Under 10 Seconds

HealthySole HOME takes just under 10 seconds to kill up to 99.9% of the pathogens on the soles of your shoes. A soft buzzer signals the end of the disinfection session.

Weight Activated

HealthySole HOME is weight-activated for infants and pet-safety reasons. It is not designed to activate if less that 55 pounds of weight is detected.

110 Outlet

HealthySole HOME operates on regular electricity and has a battery backup. We recommend using it plugged in, as long as the charging cord doesn't present a trip hazard.

Shoes Not Socks

The HealthySole HOME unit is intended to be used with shoes only and is NOT to be used with bare feet or socks. Do not stare at the light or repeatedly activate the light.


A template is available for smaller shoe sizes to minimize light leakage, but the 55-pound threshold still applies.


Scientifically Proven

Scientific studies have proven that floors we think are clean are often teeming with harmful pathogens that get picked up and spread around by your shoes. These viruses and bacteria travel on your shoes throughout the day and eventually land in your home – risking the health of your loved ones. One study found that shoe soles had the highest amount of C difficile, a bacteria that causes life threatening diarrhea, compared to all other surfaces (including toilet surfaces) tested within a home.

When we are ill and cough, droplets easily land on counters, hard surfaces, and the floor. Our normal walking then shuffles and kicks these tiny microorganisms into the air, thereby aerosolizing them. These pathogens can then land on any surface from a table, dishes, door handles, countertops, couches, and more.

Shoes are the ultimate culprit when it comes to cross contamination and spread of harmful viruses and bacteria from outside environments into your home. With HealthySole HOME, unlock a chemical-free way to kill germs on the soles of your footwear to reduce the risk of illness for you and your family.

Looking for commercial HealthySole?

We also offer HealthySole Plus which uses UV light disinfection technology and is designed as a hospital and commercial grade unit to prevent HAI transmission through shoe soles.

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